D23 Expo: A La Mode Costume Contest Winners

DSC03569“Supermodels. Heh! Nothing super about them… spoiled, stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves. Feh! I used to design for gods!” – Edna a la Mode, The Incredibles

Did you know that Disney held a costume contest during the D23 Expo? Named after the fabulous Edna a la Mode from The Incredibles, contestants were invited to enter costumes from any of the companies under the Disney umbrella, from the parks to Star Wars. And they were competing for five of these specially made, totally exclusive Edna a la Mode statues, below. Aren’t they fabulous darling!


Entries were submitted in advance and carefully vetted, with 500 costumes eventually whittled down to about 40. You can see all of the costumes at D23 (including the contestants) here, here and here  and check out the winners below!


Best Craftsmanship award went to Prince Edward and Giselle. One of the contest judges was Mona May, who was the actual costume designer on Enchanted, which makes their win even more impressive!


Merida from Brave was awarded the Best Recreation award. With her cascading locks and gorgeous embroidered gown, we’d have to agree! (Even without that bow pointing at us!)

DSC03617The Best Young Fan award went to The Rocketeer, who wasn’t even born when the film was originally released in 1991. We love the retro vibe!

DSC03601Queen Amidala (from Star Wars) won Best in Show (which kind of makes it sound like Crufts). We spotted her at Comic Con too and her costume is truly awesome!

DSC03845Best Original Design went to Antagonista, whose dress represented both Disney’s good and evil characters. And can you spot Walt and Mickey in the middle there?

Congratulations to all the cosplayers!

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