Wash in Walt Disney World’s H2O Plus


We can’t be the only ones who cry when we’re leaving the Magic Kingdom, right?

Err, well anyway, if you want to wash away those tears and recreate the magic of Walt Disney World at home, check out these lotions and potions from H2O Plus, the official skincare supplier of Walt Disney World resorts. Their marine-rich range includes body washes, lotions and soaps, which can also be found on the US Disney Store online.

At the D23 Expo they also had the most charming exclusive – a set of soaps engraved with the Disney castle, Mickey Mouse and, if you ordered one, your own name! So pretty and they smelled lovely too. Now that’s a soap box we want to get on!


Check out a few more pictures in the gallery below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Non-branded H2O Plus products can be purchased at H2O Plus online or, in the UK, at Marks and Spencer. They might not have the Disney logo on them but they’ll still smell as sweet!

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