D23 Expo: Oz the Great and Powerful Costumes

DSC03424There’s no place like home!

Which is why we were thrilled to see costumes from Oz the Great and the Powerful on display during the D23 Expo in California last month! We’d already caught Evanora’s gorgeous green evening gown and Oz’s dapper suit in the windows of London department store (and our home away from home), Selfridges, in March but this time we could get up close and personal with the outfits. It’s also the first time all the costumes were on show together, including Glinda’s resplendent cream concoction, below, and even her shoes! (Yes, the very ones worn by Michelle Williams in the film). We are pleased to confirm they were suitably sparkly.

???????????????????????????????Seeing Glinda’s and Evanora’s dresses in person reminded us of the Disney Store deluxe costume versions, which are impressively accurate. There are still some sizes available online so if you fly now, my pretties, you can get them shipped in time for Halloween!

Check out more pictures of the Great and Powerful ensembles below!

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