American Retro’s Oz the Great and Powerful Collection


Follow American Retro down the yellow brick road for technicolor couture!

The misleadingly-named French brand has finally released its Oz the Great and Powerful collection, which was created in collaboration with Russian designer Alexander Terekhov (who you may remember from the Designers of Dreams fashion show in Paris, where he designed a dress for Alice in Wonderland).

The bright as a button collection consists of shirts, skirts and dresses covered in black, white and multicolour harlequin prints or delicate blue China Girl patterns. There is also a smart black pantsuit inspired by James Franco’s Oz in the film.

Luka Skirt

American Retro’s creative director, Laure Pariente, said of the collaboration, “It is a terrific honour for us to help girls all over the world to experience the wonderful world of Oz. The fantastic characters and events of the film have inspired every element of this marvellous collection, which, we hope, will also capture the eye of the fashion-conscious.”

With its eye-popping hues, the collection certainly captures the eye! Our favorite piece has to be the multi-colored skate skirt, above, which would look adorable with a chic sweater and some classic black booties!

Check out the rest of the collection in the gallery below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Oz collection is available now at Which piece is your favorite?

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