Bags of Fun: Vera Bradley’s Disney Collection

vba240942LARGEWho wouldn’t want to spend Midnight with Mickey, Just Mousing Around?

Well from tomorrow you can when Vera Bradley’s exclusive collection for Disney Parks drops!

It’s been an agonising six month wait since the collaboration was announced back in March. But finally, from tomorrow, you’ll be able to get your mitts on the sixteen piece collection, which comes in two paisley prints: the pink ‘Just Mousing Around’ (below left) and the black ‘Midnight with Mickey’ (below right).


Each design is available in eight styles, which range from a large duffel bag  (perfect for a weekend trip to Disney) to an adorable smartphone wrist wallet (so you can feel free as a bird while traversing the park). Other styles include a cross body ‘Hipster’ bag, which comes in a regular and ‘mini’ size, backpack, cosmetics case, ID case (so cute) and, of course, ‘the Vera’, which is a classic tote.


The bags are released tomorrow at Walt Disney World in Florida and on Monday at Disneyland in California. If you’re in Orlando tomorrow be sure to stop by World of Disney in the morning for the release party, where Vera Bradley co-founder – Barbara Bradley Baekgaard herself – will be making an appearance.

And if you can’t get to either park this weekend, don’t despair because the bags should be up on the US Disney Store online in October.

Which means the only problem now is how to decide which print to go for! Which one do you prefer?

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