Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse Holiday Cosmetics Collection

annasui_06Sui dreams are made of these!

We are SO excited to announce that Anna Sui, one of our favorite designers, will be teaming up with Disney this Christmas to launch a Minnie Mouse cosmetics collection.

With her fun, whimsical collections, Sui has been a fashion inspiration to us since we were tweens and we make a bee-line for her gorgeous make-up whenever we find ourselves in Tokyo. Which pretty much means she is the PERFECT designer to translate Minnie’s cute and quirky essence into beauty products. In fact, the only thing we found weird about this collaboration was why it hadn’t happened sooner!


The jewel of the collection is undoubtedly the make-up kit, which consists of a small eyeshadow palette (shaped like a bow! A BOW!) and a lipstick shaped like Minnie’s FACE (her FACE! With mouse ears and everything!) in a collectible tin box featuring Minnie in the foreground of a gorgeous floral pattern. Be still our beating hearts! The kit is available in two shades, which obviously means we need both. After all, those lipsticks are so pretty we need to preserve at least one of them in a temperature-controlled glass case.


Also included in the collection are Minnie Mouse polishes, above, which are an adaptation of Sui’s ballgown nail polishes (this time featuring Minnie on the lid) in five different colors (ooh we like the look of that deep romantic purple and the bubblegum pink). And finally, there are two shades of mascara to pick up, each featuring an illustration of Minnie rocking out on the bottle, and some Minnie Mouse body balm to keep your skin soft and sweet.


Now that we’ve managed to take a deep breath and gather our thoughts (did you see those lipsticks?!), we can confirm that there is bad news and good news.

The good news is that in honor of the collection, there will be a pop up Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse store at LaFloret in Harajuku (Tokyo, Japan) from 1-7 November, which should be amazing. And can you guess the bad news? There is no indication that the collection will be stocked outside of Japan. WE KNOW.

Despite the fact that we don’t have a trip planned soon, we’re not panicking. Yet. After all, there’s eBay. And Etsy. And, in a worst case scenario, there’s a 13 hour plane ride to Tokyo. Yay!


Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse is out 1 November in Japan. What do you think of the collaboration?

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