Show Your Disney Side: We Did!

Minnie 2Today the Disney Parks blog revealed a fun new campaign: Show Your Disney Side!

According to the blog post, your ‘Disney Side’ is “the side of you that says “yes” more often, laughs louder and lives life to the fullest”, and which usually manifests itself through casual cosplay or, as it’s known in the Disney world, ‘Disneybounding’. This means taking normal clothing (as opposed to out and out costumes) and dressing them up so they reflect a Disney character.

Last month Maison Mouse editor Kiki showed her Disney Side at the Magic Kingdom in California, where she wore a Minnie Mouse-inspired outfit. Here she tells us about her experience!


As soon as I saw this retro red and white polkadot dress by Hell Bunny I knew it was my perfect Minnie Mouse dress!

And I also knew just what I’d wear it with. Last year I visited Tokyo Disneyland where I’d seen all the girls do their hair up in adorable ‘mouse ear’ buns on top of their head accessorized with just a bow, which would complete the look. After a couple of goes (and very achy arms) I finally got my ‘ears’ symmetrical and popped on an American Apparel red bow.

The red dress and quirky hair in place, I kept the rest of the outfit simple with black accessories: giant Dior sunglasses (for that authentic cartoon-eyed look) a Karl Lagerfeld cross-body bag and my super comfy Jimmy Choo for H&M sandals. No yellow shoes for this Minnie!

Minnie 3

For a little bit of extra sparkle I gave myself a Minnie mani (it’s super easy: use a cotton swab to dab white polkadots on to a red base) and added my Gogo Philip for Claire’s Accessories Mickey Mouse heart necklace. Because everyone knows Minnie loves Mickey!

And it looked like Mickey loved my Minnie outfit too!

DSC03277The best part of wearing this outfit was that it was also a great conversation starter! Lots of people – not just cast members – came up to chat with me and I got called ‘Minnie’ a lot, which I could definitely get used to! Hey, she’s the most fashionable mouse around!

It was  such an easy outfit to throw together and I can’t wait to wear something similar again to the parks.

You can check out lots more Disney-inspired outfits at – and we’d love to see yours too so make sure you send them to us!

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