Minnie Mouse Inspires Suzaan Heyns at SA Fashion Week


The difference between a model and a supermodel is international appeal. And having graced covers and catwalks from Paris and London to Moscow and Berlin, we sure know which category Minnie Mouse falls into!

And last Thursday Minnie once again demonstrated her universal appeal when she sashayed down the runway at SA Fashion Week in Johannesburg, a guest star at local designer Suzaan Heyns’ show (above).


In fact, not only was she a guest star, she also inspired the collection!

Heyns’ Autumn Winter collection payed homage to the supermodel mouse with her distinctive ears incorporated into cut-out necklines and skirts, collars and hair, while cartoon eyes stared out of dresses, tops and bodices. And then, of course, there were the bows, worn as bracelets, capes and head-pieces.


This isn’t the first time Ms Mouse has inspired a fashion designer, having made her Fashion Week debut in London two years ago, but Heyns’ collection is far more subtle than anything we’ve seen before, with not a red and white polkadot in sight.

Instead there was sexy black leather, intricate wool shapes and optical illusion prints, which, if you squinted hard enough, revealed an image of the inspiring Minnie Mouse. We’re sure Mickey can’t wait to see her wearing one of these outfits next season!


While 6 of the garments will be auctioned at a later date, the rest of the ‘Inspired by Minnie’ collection will be available to purchase in store from April 2014. You can check the rest of it out in the gallery below!

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