Hats Off to Kangol x Disney


Kangol hats have graced the heads of everyone from the Beatles to Princess Diana (on the cover of Vogue, no less) to LL Cool J. And now the British brand can add Mickey and the gang to that venerable list, as Kangol has teamed up with Disney in celebration of its 75th anniversary!

The AW 13 collection features three classic styles that have been re-vamped with the House of Mouse in mind: two for men, featuring the big cheese plus Donald and Goofy, and one for women, featuring Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. But don’t worry – there’s not a mouse ear in sight (at least not on the hats). The headgear stays true to Kangol’s heritage with just some subtle updates for those who are young at heart.

Anglobasque Beret

Disney Kangol

Of course, this is our favorite. This hat was first designed in the 1930s and comes in red or black with three differently-colored, detachable bows, so you can match them to your mood. And if you sneak a peek inside you can find an illustration of Mademoiselles Minnie and Daisy. We can’t think of anything more perfect for a trip to Disneyland Paris! $58

507 Ivy Cap

Hat 507 Disney Kangol

This is a classic Kangol shape featuring a contrasting underbrim. It comes with a Mickey, Donald and Goofy pin and is the ideal headgear for a round of golf down in Disneyworld Florida. $72

Casual Bucket Shape

Casual Hat Disney Kangol

With three interchangeable top buttons, each inspired by a different character, this hat will complement any outfit. The very English design reveals breakdancing Disney characters when you turn it over and inspect the lining. This would be a great hat for Dapper Day! $80

As the song goes, wherever I lay my hat is home. In this case, it’s Disney…

Kangol x Disney is available now on Kangol.com.

Fun fact: Most people think Kangol takes its name from the Kangaroo logo but that actually came long after the name, which is in fact a combination of ‘K’ (for ‘knitting’), ‘Ang’ (for Angora wool) and ‘Ol’ (the wool part).

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