Magical Vangold Jewelry for Disney Russia

Rings - Copy

You just have to check out these fabulous Disney pieces from Russia – with love!

Russia has always been known for its opulent jewelry design (it’s where Fabergé eggs originate from, after all) so we were seriously excited when we heard that Russian jewelry house Vangold had collaborated with Disney for an incredible collection of rings, necklaces, charms and pendants.

While the line includes, of course, Mickey and Minnie inspired bling, our favorite items are those featuring less pervasive characters such as the Pascal ring and Flounder pendant, below. Aren’t they adorable!

Unusual - Copy

We love the green and purple tones in the ring (complementary colors, dontchya know) as well as Pascal’s silly expression. Meanwhile Flounder is encased in a beautiful circle, which looks like bubbles, and is finished off with a pearl and a shell not dissimilar to the one Ursula wears!

Unusual 2 - Copy

Even more rarely seen on merchandise, let alone jewelry, are Apu and Boo, both featured here on charms that you can add to a bracelet or wear on a chain around your neck! Perfect finishing touches if you’re thinking of some Aladdin or Monsters Inc cosplay.

Princesses - Copy

Among the princess item (of course there are princess items!) are Cinderella’s slipper on a pillow and Sleeping Beauty’s spindle, on which she pricks her finger, both available as charms.

Tiaras - Copy

And then of course, the all-important princess tiaras. Here we have Aurora’s (on the left) and Tiana’s on the right.

Feature - Copy

We also had to give a shout-out to this super subtle Minnie Mouse necklace and Mickey Walk of Fame ring – both are the perfect accessory for a trip to the Disney Studio Store on Hollywood Boulevard!

Check out lots more images from this fabulous collection below! Which is your favorite?

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Vangold for Disney is available at now.

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