Fairytale Fashion: Fashion East x Ever After High Collection

Ever-After-High-3-Vogue-11Oct13-PR_b_426x639Definitive proof that fairytales are in fashion? East London style collective Fashion East have designed a range of bags based on Mattel’s new doll line, Ever After High.

Like their fellow pupils at sister school Monsters High, the guys and gals at Ever After are sons and daughters of well known mythical figures including Snow White, Mad Hatter and Goldilocks. Which meant there was plenty of inspiration for the Fashion East team when it came to designing accessories around the stylish students.

Raven Queen

One of our favorite pieces from the collection is Claire Barrow’s purple velvet bowling bag (top picture) featuring a cracked mirror print with the words ‘who is the fairest of them all’ written across it.

Naturally there is only one character who could have inspired such a Halloween-worthy bag. “I’ve been inspired by the daughter of The Evil Queen in Snow White,” Barrow told Vogue. “I wanted to do something with a smashed mirror to show rebellion against her past and against the traditional norms of beauty.”

Apple White (2)

Although staying in the same story, Ashley Williams was more interested in Apple White (above right), who not only shares a name with Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter but whose mother is none other than Snow.

Despite taking inspiration from the Snow White tale, Ashley decided to take a page out of Pocahontas for her bag, which is shaped like a raccoon. Move over Meeko! As Williams explained to Vogue, “I thought it would be cute for [Apple] to have a woodland creature as her pet, so the handbag I’ve designed is in the shape of a raccoon as I thought its stripy tail would be cool in multicolour.”

Madeline Hatter

Ryan Lo, meanwhile, moved away from mirrors for his masterpiece, which is based on the Mad Hatter’s daughter, Madeline. His woven bags, decorated with pom poms, perfectly complement Maddie’s multi-hued locks and quirky sense of style. And they’d make a great un-birthday present!


And finally Bobby Abley seemed to have encompassed the fairytale theme more generally, creating a patchwork patterned rucksack with a bear on the back. We first spotted these signature bear bags at his Sword and the Stone-inspired fashion show earlier this year and we love this version covered in prints of crowns and teddies. Too cute!

The Fashion East x Ever After High collection will be available in Selfridges, London from Friday 18 October.

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