Disney Fashion at Disneyland Paris!


Maison Mouse editor Kiki took a quick trip to Paris last month. Here she tells us about her new favourite store…

Last month I stopped over for the night at Disneyland Paris. It’s Europe in winter so – bien sur- it was rainy but that didn’t stop me from hitting the shops in Disney Village on my last day!

And since I run a Disney fashion site, I couldn’t resist getting a pic outside a store called ‘Disney Fashion’! I’m wearing my naughty Alice t-shirt and a pair of Hot Topic Alice leggings. It was a bright look for such a grey day!


The inside of the store was an absolute revelation though, with an entire section (above) dedicated to Disney Princess fashion. Can you say ‘heaven’? (How about in French?)


The store was perfect: exactly what you would hope to find in a Paris-based fashion store themed around Disney. There were pretty displays, such as the Cinderella one above, and the garments were all high-quality (with, naturally, price tags to match). A lot of the clothes were Disney Couture and, in the Minnie Mouse section, they also had a selection of clothes from Disney’s collaboration with Spanish brand Desigual.


How pretty is this Ariel top? She kinda looks like Merida here with her red hair all wild and such…


I loved the sweatshirt, above, but sadly they only had XL sizes left. Boo!


I was also thrilled to see a Disney Villains section – those dastardly dames are pretty damn fashionable y’know – and it was all themed purple/rock n roll. That’s deserving of two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me!


Above: the Minnie/Mickey section. That dapper Mickey Mouse tee is perfect for Movember!

Check out lots more pictures below – I think you guys will love the blue Ariel top, which, despite an eye-watering price tag (around €50), I had to get. Totally worth it!

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