Hot Topic Conjures Up Cinderella Collection

We’re super excited about the upcoming live-action Disney re-make of Cinderella, and not just because it’ll be preceded in theatres with a brand spanking new Frozen short (eek!).

If you’re just as enchanted by the film’s spectacular costumes and want to emulate Cindy’s eternally romantic style, Hot Topic are here to help with a five-piece capsule Cinderella collection.

Hot Topic Cinderella Blue Dress

We’ve been looking for a pastel blue ballgown that can also be worn out during the day for what feels like forever (it’s not too much to ask, right?) This $64.50 corset version is perfect and guaranteed to last until well after midnight.

Check out the other pieces in the gallery below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“The collection has just enough twists to make it wearable but is still a bit magical for our fan girl customer,” Cindy Levitt, Hot Topic’s senior vice president of merchandising and marketing, told WWD.

Our only gripe is that Cinderella’s mouse-made pink gown hasn’t been included in the line, even though it’s in the film, but hey, maybe that’s what fairy godmothers are for.


Hot Topic’s Cinderella collection is out on 24th Feb and is available to pre-order now online.

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