We’re In Love With This Disney Tangled Collection From Honey Bunch Japan

The world may have gone Frozen mad over the past year but we will always find space in our hearts (and our closets) for some of our other favourite Disney Princesses.

Japanese clothing brand Honey Bunch are leading the way with not one but two gorgeous dresses inspired by Tangled so you can everyday cosplay as Rapunzel.

Released just before Valentine’s Day (awww) both gowns are a pale purple and feature corset-style bodices, a tulle underlay and adorable illustrations from the film. As they’re not technically costumes, they’re perfect for wandering around the Disney Parks – just find yourself a talking horse, throw some flowers in your hair and you’re done! (Note: frying pan not included).


While browsing the site (read: drooling over our keyboards) we also noticed that Honey Bunch are stocking a Marie from Aristocats collection including dresses, skirts, shirts and bags all inspired by the cutey cat. Marie is big in Japan and it’s not surprising. Not only is she super cute but who can forget her amazing line from the film: ‘Ladies don’t start fights, but they can finish them!’

Check out all the Honey Bunch x Disney pieces below and don’t forget to let us know which one’s your favourite in the comments!

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It looks like it is possible to order this collection from Japan (click here for Honey Bunch’s online store) but please note taxes and shipping charges will apply 😥

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