These Alice In Wonderland Shoes Will Steal Your Heart (And Wallet…)

Move over Cinderella because we’ve found a pair of shoes that trump even designer glass slippers: how about a pair of Alice in Wonderland-themed peep toes with macarons for heels?

The detail in these pumps – from Japanese brand Randa – is insane. From the teapot (which looks like it’s pouring tea) to the stacked heel to the very packaging they come in (the box is shaped like a book), we are freaking out over these shoes.


But let’s get serious. Even with heels as adorable as these, it’s impractical walking around Disneyland in anything over half an inch high. Again, Randa’s got you covered. Their collection also includes three pairs of equally adorable ballet slippers as well as wedges, stilettos and espadrilles in a variety of colours and prints, so you can channel Alice’s wondrous wardrobe for any occasion.


Now for the bad – no, terrible – news. It appears these shoes, which are released on 28th February, are only available in Japan although if you can navigate the website (it’s in Japanese) you might be able to get them shipped over via Randa’s website. Now if you’ll excuse us we’re off to cry a pool of tears.

You can check out all the Randa x Alice in Wonderland shoes in the gallery below – don’t forget to tell us which is your favourite in the comments below!

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