Which Celebs Looked Like Disney Characters At The Oscars?

Oscars Insta

The Oscars were a week ago today but we’re still obsessing over the hundreds of beautiful gowns that hit the red carpet before and after the ceremony. And we couldn’t help but notice a few were inspired by our favourite Disney characters…


She may not have starred in the most popular Disney film of all time but Amy Adams will always hold a special place in our heart thanks to her adorable performance as Giselle in Enchanted. And she proved she’s still every bit a Disney princess on her way into the post-Oscars Vanity Fairy party thanks to this Elsa-like strapless dress from Versace complete with sparkly bodice and sheer train. Amy looks so gorgeous we just can’t let it go!

Oscars Belle

So we know Emma Watson is playing Belle in the live-action re-make of Beauty and the Beast but fellow British actress Felicity Jones sure gave her a run for her money on the Oscars red carpet with this super puffy Alexander McQueen dress and her brunette locks pinned in a chic up-do. Plus Felicity even shares Belle’s love of books – she was an English major at Oxford!

Oscars Ariels

While Ariel probably wishes Ursula had blessed her with model Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s super-long legs, Rosie looked like she’d swapped her stems for a mermaid tail on the Vanity Fair red carpet, in a green, glittery Alexandre Vauthier gown. Pity all the poor, unfortunate souls who ended up standing next to RHW at the bar.


We love a bit of monochrome on the red carpet and who does black and white stripes better than master of ceremonies, Jack Skellington? Australian actress Margot Robbie took a page out of Jack’s book when she arrived at the Vanity Fair after-party in an elegant Dior gown that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Halloweentown. Everyone hail to the pumpkin queen!


Rosamund Pike had us doing the patented Roger Rabbit cartoon eye pop when she hit the Oscars carpet in this fire engine red strapless Givenchy gown with stunning corset detailing. No surprise since she was giving us more than a little Jessica Rabbit leg action. Rosamund’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way.

Captain America

Frankly, the Internet couldn’t work out what Lady Gaga was doing with those big ol’ red gloves and neither could we. Our best guess is she was inspired by Captain America (and yes, he is technically a Disney character). We’d like to think she’s got the rest of his costume under her dress too. Y’know, just in case there was a world-ending emergency during the Oscars ceremony that only Steve Rogers – and Stefani Germanotta – could solve.

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