Disney Style Diary: Alice In Wonderland


“Yes, that’s it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it’s always tea time.”

Maison Mouse Instagram fans will know I recently enjoyed an Alice in Wonderland themed tea  (you can see some of the cakes below!) so of course I had to wear this Alice in Wonderland Black Milk dress for my Very Important Date with carbs. To give it a ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ puffy vibe I added a black net and lace tutu from Camden Market underneath.

It’s still pretty chilly in London so I also threw on my quirky Comme des Garcons for H&M jacket with tails, which seemed appropriate for a fancy tea, and a pair of black leather ankle boots from Alexander Wang for H&M in case it rained (because London).

I don’t tend to wear a lot of jewellery (inevitably I end up fiddling with it, taking it off and then losing it) but the Les Nereides Alice bracelet was too perfect so that went on too while this fab Accessorize clock bag – which I got for Christmas after spotting it on a friend and deciding I couldn’t live without it – completed the look. Plus of, course, an Alice band from Claire’s Accessories!

Perfect for a day out in Wonderland.

Check out more pics below and list of stockists at the bottom!

Kiki xx







Dress: Black Milk Clothing
Tutu: Camden Market
Jacket: Commes des Garcons for H&M
Boots: Alexander Wang for H&M
Bag: Accessorize
Bracelet: Les Nereides
Alice band: Claire’s Accessories
Book: Barnes and Noble
Nail polish: Barry M in ‘Cyan Blue’

6 responses to “Disney Style Diary: Alice In Wonderland

  1. That purse is EVERYTHING! But the link doesn’t work and I can’t find it on the accesssorize page. Is it no longer available???

    • Oh no – they must have stopped doing it, I got it around Christmas time. Keep an eye on eBay or I think Hot Topic are currently doing a similar one? (I can’t see it on the site right now but they might have one in-store) xx

  2. I never liked the Vintage Alice dress that much until I saw these pictures: the blue is such a gorgeous shade on you! I’m a bit sad I missed out on it now. I love the handbag too ❤

    • Aw thanks Hazel! They have a few left on Black Milk’s site but not in S or M – might be worth keeping an eye on eBay? x

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