Review: E.L.F’s Disney Frozen Elsa Make-Up Collection


If you’re looking to recreate Elsa from Frozen’s ice cool make-up look at home, you’re in luck! E.L.F. cosmetics have once again collaborated with Disney on a princess-worthy make-up range, this time inspired by Frozen’s Elsa – fingers crossed that means there’s a Princess Anna one to follow! – available at Walgreens right now. A few weeks ago Disney kindly sent over some samples for me to review and I co-opted my Frozen Elsa and Olaf Pop! figures into helping.

Disclaimer: the packaging for this collection is so pretty it took me a while to bring myself to open it (which is one of the reasons this post is a bit late!).


There are three lip glosses available in the collection ($2.99 each) and although a little gloopy they smell AH-mazing. In fact their fruity scent kinda reminds me of summer (shh, don’t tell Olaf). ‘Angel’ is a clear shimmery gloss for a more natural look. ‘Pink Kiss’ is a subtle coral colour while ‘Fuchsia Fireworks’ – my favourite – is a hot pink that will add a pop of colour to your make-up.



Disney Princesses are known for their big eyes and long lashes so all aspiring Elsas will want to invest in this Frozen eyelash set. It comes with two pairs of lashes, one in blue/black and one in a more natural all-black, plus some eyelash glue. The lashes are long enough to subtly enhance your eyes without looking comical, making them ideal for a day of Disneybounding or a night on the town!



Also included in the collection is an eyeshadow/eyeliner ‘icing’ pot in ‘Let It Go’ ($4.99), which is a pale, shimmery cream. It’s slightly too sheer to work as an eyeliner but would look great as either an eyeshadow (by itself or slicked on top of another colour) to brighten the eyes or as a highlighter on the cheeks and on the brow bone. Plus the pot is super cute, with an image of Elsa on the lid, and a perfect size for keeping in your purse for touch ups.


The jewel of the collection is undoubtedly the Snow and Ice Glow Eyehsadow set ($6.99, below), which enables you to re-create Elsa’s make-up plus conjure up a few custom looks of your own by layering and blending the nine colours.


The palest shade, an icy white, is a great base colour, which can be brushed on up to your brow line. The purple colour is similar to the eyeshadow Elsa has on in the film: just swipe some of the Let It Glow shadow on top for a shimmering finishing touch.

If you’re looking for something a little more wintery the green and turquoise is perfect while the brown and burgundy is great for a more understated day look. The shadows need a few layers to build up the colour, which means you can choose to go for a more subtle look or, if you want a more solid colour, just go over it a couple of times with your brush.


Plus there’s a glittery black shadow if you want a smoky, evening look. Personally I love using black eyeshadows as eyeliners under my bottom lash (just wet a fine, tapered eyeliner brush) and this glittery one is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle under my eyes.

And finally, there are also four Elsa-print cosmetics cases available in the collection (ranging from $7.99-$11.99) to store your cosmetics in style!


E.L.F. and Disney’s Frozen Elsa cosmetics collection is available online at and at select Walgreen stores now.

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