Be An Intergalactic Princess In These Rodarte Star Wars Dresses

Cover copy

If you missed out on last week’s Force Friday, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered (if you’re in the market for a Star Wars ballgown, that is – perfect for the premiere in December!)

These three Star Wars gowns from Los Angeles design duo Rodarte would be enough to make any girl go over to the Dark Side in the hopes of getting her mitts on one.

“The films have become a part of who we are,” explain Kate and Laura Milleavy, the sisters behind Rodarte. “They’ve melded with the collective consciousness of our cultural DNA.”

The pop-culture loving design duo sent the dresses down their catwalk at New York Fashion Week over a year ago but the gowns have finally made their way into stores – or, to be specific, one store. Right now they only seem to be available in super limited sizes at British department store Selfridges. But at £11,750 each ($18,441 *crying emoji*) that’s probably for the best.

Still, you can drool for free over the pics below…

Rodarte C3P0
Rodarte Death Star
Rodarte Tatoine

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